Pear Kale and Ginger Smoothie – Fresh & Good!

This is my first official green smoothie recommendation. I went through quite a few pretty bad recipes but still thought I’d try to be adventurous and find new ways to finish up the kale I bought 2 weeks ago. This one is definitely a winner.

Pear Kale and Ginger Smoothie (adapted from thetastyother)


I actually recommend you give this a try. I added cucumber because it was going bad and I needed to finish it, and I had some frozen aloe cubes in my freezer that I wanted to use up. I think they were good additions! I also added in some lemon rind along with the juice.

I was hesitant at first to add the yogurt and almond milk, so I blended everything else first and tried it on a spoon with the yogurt. Glad to say it worked for me. I only used 1/3 cup of yogurt because that is all I had but a full 1/2 cup would be good too.

By the way, this does made a lot of smoothie. I had to pour some out into a cup to blend out some ingredients, but then I added it back to my smoothie cup. I think you could use half of this recipe and add some ice and it would be good for a single serving, too.

I hope you give this a try and let me know what you think. The texture is a little grainy but it smells and tastes really fresh. I wonder…maybe some mint would go well with this?


Trying out green smoothies!

I promised some smoothie recipes, and here they are. It’s my first time making “green” smoothies, and I had a lot of fun with it. I’ve been saving recipes to try out and I think I’ll keep making updates like these, including the good and (you’ll see next week) the bad.

My supermarket sells huge portions of kale that I’m still working through hence why all the kale in each recipe. I made such big portions because I was drinking them at work in place of breakfast/lunch. I try to not make them too sweet and not use too many fruits but if on the first try it doesn’t taste good, fruits are helpful to make it palatable!

Monday: Kale Banana Berry Smoothie

My favorite! My own recipe, based off of ingredients I bought at the store. It turned a nasty-looking brown color after a couple of hours but still tasty!

Tuesday: PB Kale Smoothie

This one was pretty good, a bit more filling. I was worried that I would get hungry during the day because I didn’t eat a lot the day before so I added ground oatmeal, grinding it to a powder before adding anything else.

Wednesday: Veggie Blast Smoothie

Not very tasty recipe, but drinkable. I added peppers and carrots after reading about daily nutritional guidelines and getting it into my head that I needed more orange and red veggies…but this isn’t the best way I think. I will also try sieving the blackberry seeds out next time.

Thursday: Melon Smoothie

The first one I couldn’t finish! It tasted so…melon-y. My mom brought home cantelopes and honedew from work and I thought I should use them up, but I really did not enjoy the taste. It just wasn’t for me, but I think other people might enjoy it. Looking back through this recipe makes me go…What was I thinking???

Friday: Soy Banana Bread

I didn’t intend to purchase any protein powder, but I was at the store on Thursday and couldn’t resist picking this one up. I was really excited to try it out, and this recipe was really really good! I modified the recipe from the bag. This makes a small cup but I added a lot of extra ice and water to stretch it and make a full big cup.

Saturday and Sunday I took a break!

Drinking these smoothies made me really focus on only eating when I was hungry, and it made me want healthier options for dinner because I already planned out the calories for breakfast. I would look forward to making dinner after my workout, so it’s a win win.

What are some smoothie recipes you’ve had that you really enjoy? Let me know and I’ll give them a try!