Appetite Bootcamp – Cabbage Soup Diet – The Verdict

Wondering where Day 3 went? You’re at the right place. Of course nothing goes as planned, and as boring as the food was, so was writing posts about how boring the food was. Here’s an update since then.

My mom and I lasted 6 days. My friends came over, so they were eating paella and drinking and suddenly the diet didn’t make any sense anymore. Who am I? Why am I trying this diet out? Who is it really going to help? So I had a bowl and a few drinks and felt much better.

Notable mentions:

  • I went from weighing 171 pounds to 164.6 pounds
  • I made the boiled meat taste good! (recipe here)
  • The day after the diet I drank soy sauce all day. Added too much salt to everything. Felt like I couldn’t get enough
  • The day after that, I gained all the weight back, probably mostly in water weight
  • It did help me get used to only eating when I was hungry

So there you have it. I’m never going to do this again.

End of the series. Go back to the beginning if you want.

Have you tried the cabbage soup diet? How did it go for you? Do you have any funny/desperate/successful diet stories? Let me know in the comments.


Appetite Bootcamp – Cabbage Soup Review Day 1

Day 1: unlimited! cabbage soup, fruits (with the exception of bananas)

You cook your soup, thinking, cool, it smells good, I get to put spices in, I can even make it spicy! But your mom can’t handle spicy, so you add that to your own bowl later when it cools. You try it, take a sad picture of your soup and post it on Instagram. You realize spicy food is really good with salt, salt would make this taste better than a diluted compost bin. It would probably even taste like it smells.

You go over the list of Things You Can Eat This Week and you re-envision the foods you once believed were Not So Bad. Boiled beef – no salt. Baked potato – no butter or salt. Vegetables – green. What green vegetables taste good without salt or oil?

You realize that this diet was made to suck out any positive relationship you had to food, because salt is the key to all happiness, salt is what makes life enjoyable.

You read a bunch of blogs written by people who committed to not eating salt for seven years. You try that theory in your head, nope sounds crazy. You don’t want to get to know the subtle nuanced flavors of a carrot. You stare back into your soup.

It stares back.

If you’re confused, here’s The First Post. If you’re not confused, Keep Reading… Day Two.

Appetite Bootcamp – Cabbage Soup Day 2

Day 2: …unlimited cabbage soup, green vegetables all day, evening baked potato!! with some vegetable oil

You wake up and you go for that run you neglected yesterday. It feels great, you come back home and realize you’re covered in a sheen of wet and SALT!

You’re sure its salt because all you smell like is salt and it’s only been one day so you know you’re not hallucinating. A brief thought – withdrawal symptoms?
You add vinegar and pepper flakes and hold your nose this time. The soup goes down – easy? -ier. An hour and a black sugar-free coffee later you’re hungry again.
You decide you’re done being miserable so you google “how to make things taste good without salt.” Make a shopping list, shovel down some more soup. Pee a lot.
Read about how you’re doing everything wrong (running, not eating enough, not drinking enough water), how other people “cheat” and it doesn’t affect results.

Question why you have to be so strict as you try to finish that second bowl of soup that does nothing to ease your hunger. Fill up a huge bottle of water to drink.

Look forward to your boiled potato. Boil it, add fresh thyme and oil to it. Eat it, realize the inside is still raw.

Spend the rest of the day dreaming about food, about tomorrow, when you can have fruits again.


If you’re confused, here’s The First Post. If you’re not confused, Keep Reading… Day Three.