The Appetite Bootcamp – Cabbage Soup Diet One Week Review

My mom and I decided to try out the cabbage soup diet (link in Russian).

My goal this week wasn’t really to lose weight, it was wanting to train myself to think about food differently. It was to prove to myself I can suffer through this and come out the other end. Why?

Rapid Weight Montage: In high school I weighed from 125-130. Climbed the scale in college, weighing in at 156 in August 2015, went down to 133 October 22 2015, down to 123 in January 2016. Rode the scale back up at a gradual slope to 157 a year later, January 2017 (graduation!), and continued climbing until 171 July 17th 2017 (unemployment!).

That’s where I am now, and it’s taught me a lot about my body image (something I always struggled with) and my body, my habits. I’ve wanted to get back to a healthier weight for a while, get a good routine down, make healthier choices – basically any reason you’ve read before. My mom suggested it so I was like hey, sure. Easy Enough…?

The Diet Breakdown:

*No salt, *no sugar, *no alcohol.

Day 1: unlimited! cabbage soup, fruits (with the exception of bananas)

Day 2: …unlimited cabbage soup, green vegetables all day, evening baked potato!! with some vegetable oil

Day 3: more cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables (no bananas or potatoes)

Day 4: as much cabbage soup as you can muster, 3 bananas!, fat free milk

Day 5:  try to have some soup, fresh tomatoes, 400-500 grams?!?! of boiled meat (re: 1 pound????)

Day 6: the soup, boiled beef, green vegetables

Day 7: last day of soup!, brown rice, vegetables (no potatoes), sugar-free natural fruit juice


* * * Wish me luck


For a Day One Review of this Diet…Click Here!


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