The Beginning – 02/03

January 2017 started off fucked up.

  • The days I wasn’t scheduled for work, I would wake up between 2-4pm.
  • I got drunk a lot
  • I didn’t want to talk or see my friends
  • Freaked out about job and career prospects as a recent graduate
  • Left all social media. Kept gaining more and more weight amidst…


  • …attempts to start eating healthy (cooking!) and
  • Exercising (running) at least 30 mins
  • Went to the doctors because I finally had Health Insurance
  • Completed Jury Duty for the first time
  • Updated resume, started to join The Job Market again

Everyone got a little sick and had to go to the hospital. First the cat, then my mom, then my sister. 2017 doesn’t promise to be a smooth year for anyone.

Still haven’t filmed or written anything, or really done much towards my Major Goals but for now it’s

February 2017, and I’m focusing on accomplishing 1 small thing a day, which they say is good for mental health. In light of that, “lastupdatedon” takes the stress off regular postings.

Until next time.