On 2017

I started this post a couple of times. I started out complaining, trying to make sense of the bad parts of the year. Got annoyed, so I tried to spin it positive. Made a timeline and a bunch of lists of the most pivotal moments. Both posts were deleted. They felt fake, they didn’t feel like me.

It boils down to: I fucked up this year, but I still changed a lot so it’s not all gone to shit.

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Surgical Abortion and IUD Recovery PP

For the first few days after the abortion I was feeling pretty fine. Mild cramping, sometimes I didn’t feel any pain at all. I was bleeding regularly and was using thick pads for two weeks.

Almost a week after, however, I started getting really bad cramps. I would lay in bed and pills, heatpacks, massages didn’t help. I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours.Read More »